Dirt Candy Gift Certificate

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The greatest gift ever gifted: Dirt Candy gift certificates!

Available at three price points: $25, $50, and $100. Want to give a $125 gift certificate? Just buy a $100 + a $25 gift certificate! Want to buy a $75 gift certificate? That's a $50 + a $25.

We'll personally inscribe a message of your choice on the certificate, and mail it out as soon as you place your order. (Add your message in the "Gift Message" field on page two of the checkout process.)

You'll be charged sales tax, but that means that the recipient will not, so your $50 gift certificate will entitle them to $50 worth of food, not $46 worth of food and $4 of sales tax.

Gift certificates are good for food and wine, but they cannot be used for the gratuity.