Dirt Candy Tote Bag

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Ordering Dirt Candy swag for the holidays? Monday, 12/22 is the last day to place an order. Any orders placed after 11:55pm on 12/22 won't be processed until we're shipping again on January 2, 2015!

Made of 100% recycled cotton, the Dirt Candy tote bag will eliminate plastic bags from your life. As we all know, plastic bags from the supermarket clutter up your cabinets, drink all your beer and slip into your bedroom at night and try to suffocate you. Plastic bags are the problem! The Dirt Candy tote bag is the solution!

Infinitely reusable, unreasonably attractive, it's the recycled cotton tote bag that tells everyone else at the store that you are the captain of your own ship, you are the master of your own destiny! Sturdy, reliable, and trustworthy, the Dirt Candy tote bag is the perfect solution for people who've decided that they're sick and tired of lugging around crinkly, unsightly plastic bags.
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