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Signed Dirt Candy Cookbook

Now in its seventh printing, the Dirt Candy cookbook is 224 pages of pure comic book madness! It's the entire Dirt Candy experience wrapped up between two covers. Part graphic novel, part cookbook, it's written by the chef and owner of Dirt Candy, Amanda Cohen, drawn by Ryan Dunlavey, the award-winning comic book criminal behind Action Philosophers, and ably assisted by the writer Grady Hendrix (who is also Amanda's husband). This book answers all your burning questions.

Why is your salad $14? What are the tawdry, over-sexed roots of vegetarian food? How hard is it to open a restaurant? What's the secret to cooking awesome vegetables? Does Martha Stewart like Dirt Candy? Who is the panda? What is the monkey? How do you make deep fried cheese curds? Why is corn not on the menu? Is cooking magic? What are the three myths of vegetables?

All of these questions and more, plus dozens of recipes (both vegan and non-), can be found between the covers of the Dirt Candy cookbook. Every copy is signed by Amanda Cohen (and Ryan, if we can find him). 

You're losing money if you're NOT ordering your copy now!